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Employee Ownership

When we created Planys Digital we wanted the company to be a very customer centric business and focused on aligning our vision and goals with our customers to ensure we had the best chance of success. To do this we knew we would have to create a culture and work ethic in the company that meant the customer always comes first. We needed people to care not only about our own business but that of our customers too and we felt the way to install responsibility and ownership was to give the employees part of the company too.

It’s well documented that employee ownership improves productivity and reduces staff turnover which in turn provides our customers with the knowledge that they will have a focussed and consistent employee working with them. Owning a bit of the company also gives the employees a foundation to have more of an influential voice in the decisions which are taken. To accommodate this we have also appointed a place on the board to represent the employees and is attended by different employees at each meeting, not only does this give them a voice but also gives them the opportunity to see how the company is run.

There have been a few challenges along the way in terms of education and providing information on what ownership actually means to the individual but it has had a very good effect in allowing those employees who want to accept responsibility to thrive.

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