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RM Unify

This year at the Scottish Learning Festival I attended a presentation demonstrating RM unify which is the new launchpad for glow.  For those who were unable to attend or haven’t had a chance to access the information about the change which is available within glow, here is a brief outline of what it is going to provide:-

  • continue to use single sign on
  • quicker, more direct access to tools people want to use
  • wide range of tools from 3rd parties
  • support for mobile devices
  • an app library (this will future proof glow as apps can be added as they become available)
  • access to Microsoft Office 365 tools

The video below demonstrates the look of unify and some of it’s current content.

The next video demonstrates more content and how, when login on as an administrator, you can add or remove apps for your organisation.

Currently unify is being piloted in selected schools but should be available for users by the end of the year.

One of projects I am going to be involved in on my secondment at RM is looking at what apps users would like made available in the app library.  What apps would you like to see included?  Please use the comment box below to add any suggests.  All help will be greatly appreciated. Please note that there are no guarantees that these will be made available and will depend on decisions made at national level.

(Just to clarify by apps I mean websites or webtools you currently use)

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