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Product Lesson – Sky GO issue

Recently I came across a really good example of how not to develop a consumer experience when I was using Sky GO and I thought I would share it. For people who don’t know what it is then Sky GO is a service that allows you to watch the sky channels on up to 2 other devices in a calendar month. This means you can have 2 registered devices for the month and you can only change these devices once during the month. It’s a good service and one I use often to stream sky to my laptop of mobile devices.

So today, given it was my daughters birthday party, I wanted to watch the Everton v Liverpool game hidden away in my bedroom. When I logged onto the service I noticed that one of the devices was ‘default-PC’ so I wanted to change it to laptop so removed the device. When I then tried to add a new device it said I couldn’t add another device as I’d hit my limit for the month. Okay I thought … I’ll add the PC back in again since it was the default device for this month. It wouldn’t let me … so now we are left until 1st November with one device.

The solution for this would have been to pop up a warning saying something like ‘You have requested to remove a device from this account. Please be aware that you will not be able to add another device until 1st November’ This would have given me the option to exit the process before the removal of the device had happened. They should also allow customers to add the registered device back in once it’s been removed in the same month. Instead it allowed me to remove the device easily and with no warning so I’m now left with one device. This shows that as a multi billion pound corporation they still get basic product development wrong!

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