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Skills Shortage And The Need To Inspire A Generation

Not to be the bearer of doom and gloom but there is a serious issue creeping up on the digital sector in the UK and there isn’t much being done to address it.  At a time when we should be embracing technology and educating our future workforce into how it works it would appear we are not doing it fast enough.

UK will have a shortage of 100,000 people to fill IT jobs in the next few years. In Europe, including the UK, the skills shortage is expected to reach 700,000.


With such high youth unemployment in this country why is there still a skills gap within a generation who would be perfect to fill this?  Well it’s becoming really apparent that the children coming out of school, college and universities are not leaving with the right skill set and more importantly not the right attitude necessary to deliver what is needed in a commercial environment.  The expectation level in this generation is too great with no real focus or drive.  Fuelled by the booming digital age where things are literally a click or button press away and information flows freely then there is a perception that you no longer have to do much to get what you want and things come easy.  This is wrong and with this blooming digital age there is a vast amount to absorb, learn and do.  This sector is as challenging as ever and will only now grow in complexity and size but with that also comes opportunity.

As a nation we need to take action, we need to empower our youth and guide them in the right direction.  Just like the Olympics said we really need to ‘Inspire a Generation’.  We can’t lose them or let this generation drift, we must get them on board, excite them, educate them and let them grow and in turn grow our economy.  To do this they need something to attach themselves too and feel proud, they need to feel they hold their own destiny in their hands.  We need to provide a way of giving them the opportunity to do this.

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3 comments on “Skills Shortage And The Need To Inspire A Generation
  1. Barry says:

    Can’t comment on a projected skills gap (how are those numbers calculated anyway?) But 100% agreed with the attitude and expectations of school/uni leavers. I see this both as an employer and on a personal level with family members.

    I am constantly amazed with the difference in drive between UK graduates and some other countries. Even when they have been at the same uni.

    So here is a question for you: how can those of us not directly involved in education deal with the immediate affects of this and help with theonger term?

    • steven says:

      There needs to be a framework where business itself can demonstrate to students that by working hard and applying the right attitude will provide them with the best chance to succeed. The way to do this is to get people who have been there before to be more actively involved in speaking to them. The Olympics is a good example on how a generation was inspired in 2 weeks. We just need to do the same with business but over a longer and sustainable time frame. There is no magic bullet but business must share some responsibility and be more proactive.